Tucked away on a non-descript industrial estate on the outskirts of Taiwan’s 3rd largest City Taichung, Glary Power Technology (GPT) quietly designs what are considered to be some of the best switch mode dc/dc power supplies available in the World today.  GPT was started as a joint venture between a leading Taiwanese Telecom company and National Universities of Technology for the purposes of research and development into offering custom power converter products designed and manufactured locally.  During a period of intense infrastructure growth in the early 00’s, GPT had stolen a march on the other manufacturers in this field which lead to over 5 patents being granted for novel and innovative designs and uses of new and existing materials.  CEO Mr. Ming Ching Chou is the brains behind this exceptional Company bringing with him many years of high power compact dc/dc design experience.  He says “We put together a few engineers to start a Company able to offer replacement power products, requested by Taiwan companies such as D-Link, AD-Link and Tailin, very quickly we realised we did not want to be just a replacements manufacturer, we had the engineers, the know how and the drive to establish a leading Power Conversion company which could be revered World wide. We released our first product, the COQ, in 1999, as a high power-density quarter brick converter and along with the other products released in recent years is still unrivalled today. “

The success of GPT comes from the diligence and passion expressed throughout the working team; General Manager Mr CS Liu, employees and shareholders.  Quality is designed-in right from the start and carries on through RoHS-6 component choice and suppliers and utilising the latest manufacturing techniques and subjecting all products to 24 hour full temperature and load cycling burn-in to weed out any faulty converters, before receiving the stamp of approval from Mr Jerry Liu the QA Manager.  Proof of the pudding is expressed in failure rates within the factory of less than 0.01% and once delivered to customer of less than 0.001%.  Low failure rates you would expect reflected by high prices but not GPT converters; with a component count typically 1/3rd lower than competitors products, the price of these Industrial Grade products is commensurate with Commercial Grade available from others.  In fact GPT converters are often confused for Military grade converters due to their legendary performance:  For the techies, GPT converters through patented heat dissipation technology, highest efficiency coupled with a high bandwidth help to produce some of the highest output power with highest output currents available on the market today with lowest EMC noise, lowest output ripple and lowest recovery time.

Initially with Telecom requirements as a driving force, GPT soon became one of the most prominent suppliers of Blue Chip World wide manufacturers and users, you will now find GPT products powering High Speed Broadband Systems, Communication and radio links throughout the Western World and increasingly in the up and coming Countries such as Korea and Brazil.  In the past 6 years GPT have also ventured out into other markets and now offer products which can operate from input voltages of 12 volt and 24 volt vehicle battery supplies, this has lead to transportation based projects including GPS tracking systems, routers, ground military high reliability apparatuses and instruments.

Other projects also include LED monitors, LED drivers, redundant systems, compact battery chargers, commercial avionics, radar systems, consumer electronics, and secure communication products.

Heat is the killer, so patented heat sink matching system and thermally conductive plates are assembled at GPT facility to an extremely high standard helping to reduce any particular component hot spot and leading to highest output currents, lower component stress and therefore increasing reliability.  All converters are PCB mount, and the fitted heat sink or sink plate can be either of fluted style or supplied as a 1mm thick heat sink which is then fixed to a cold wall/chassis during customer’s final manufacture. 

The World of Electronics continually requires more and more power, but insist it is from smaller and cheaper products, so to meet these needs GPT has a continual programme of product development and enhancement.  Recent additions to GPT portfolio include the active parallelable ½ brick UH series that supplies up to 800W/module or the 250W ¼ brick UQ series.   The latest gems to join the stable are the NEAT series of 1/32 and 1/16 open frame industry brick style pcb mount converters, these particular models are aimed at designers and users in Telecom, Industrial, data processing and networks particularly in bus converter applications who are looking to save precious board space and reduce heat dissipation to help keep system cooling costs lower.  Uniqueness, innovation and patented topology ensure a standard design containing a reduced number of components when compared with other similar converters, it also helps to achieve a generic model which lends its hand easily and quickly to be modified into other output voltages and power.  This generic standard design approach always equates to much higher reliability and ensures a fit and forget policy with demonstrated MTBF being a minimum of 7.5Mhrs.

GPT seem to have found a formulae for success, still relatively young and fighting in a World filled with established Blue Chip competitors they have established themselves as a serious force to be reckoned with.  The flexibility of producing samples and variants from the generic standards quickly and affordably appeals to the designer and the low pricing appeals to the buyers.  Don’t misunderstand them GPT prides itself on being able to offer low cost competitive pricing without sacrificing quality or performance.  The MTBF figures bear this out against products 2-3 times more expensive.  Whether you are the Owner, Designer, Manager or Buyer, GPT have made using power component dc/dc converters easier to design in, use and more affordable for the competitive markets we are part of today. 



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