A microphone wireless reference design kit that provides a fast-track two-microphone audio streaming solution has been released. The kit is ideally suited to consumer gaming and home karaoke applications and was developed jointly by AKM Semiconductor and Nordic Semiconductor.

The n RF ready Microphone kit employs Nordic’s newly launched nRF2460 2.4GHz mono audio streamer IC and audio converters from AKM to deliver 16-bit uncompressed PCM audio quality, less than 22ms latency, and over 100-hours of battery lifetime (per mic) from two AA batteries.

The solution delivers crystal clear, wireless 16-bit uncompressed audio with less than 22ms latency, good co-existence performance, over 100 hours of battery lifetime from two AA batteries, and a total BoM (Bill of Material) that supports competitive consumer product pricing.

The nRFready Microphone reference design kit includes two microphone boards, a receiver board with both USB and analogue interfaces, plus a complete set of design files, source code, and supporting documentation.