‘Graphics, Touch, Sound and USB: User Interface Design for Embedded Applications’ leads designers of all abilities through a series of hands-on projects to explore the full potential of rich multimedia user interfaces with 16- and 32-bit microcontrollers. The book’s author, Lucio Di Jasio, is a PIC expert at Microchip Technology and the author of a number of books on programming and developing embedded applications with PIC microcontrollers.

The series of projects presented in the book gradually increases in complexity, enabling readers to learn how to design compelling user interfaces for their embedded applications by:

• Interfacing to TFT colour graphics displays

• Detecting and decoding touch screen inputs

• Adding sound to provide end-users with quality audible feedback

• Handling multiple fonts and images to maximize visual impact

• Storing and retrieving data from serial Flash devices and micro-SD cards

The book also explains how to create HID-class custom devices and CDC-class virtual serial ports which avoid the need to design drivers when adding Full Speed USB for connectivity to personal computers and other devices.

All projects and examples described in the book are based on the inexpensive development boards series known as Mikromedia (a product of MikroElektronika) and leverage the Microchip Libraries of Applications (MLA), a software framework that covers over 1000 microcontrollers models from 8, 16 and 32-bit PIC architectures.

“I wrote this book in response to the hundreds of emails I received over the past five years from my readers and fellow embedded designers who were looking for a quick and effective introduction to the more advanced topics of user interface development and USB connectivity” explains Di Jasio.

‘Graphics, Touch, Sound and USB, User Interface Design for Embedded Applications’ by Lucio Di Jasio, is retailing now at £23.17 (€28.49), saving £5.79 (€7.12) off the list price of £28.96 (€35.62).