The Display Technology Ltd (DTL) / Data Display Group have invested in the latest generation of optical bonding production technology and clean room facility in a close strategic co-operation with the Japanese company Taica. This brand-new vacuum bonding is an alternative method to the current commonly used “wet bonding” process.

Advantages of optical bonding include

  • Improved readability without increased power consumption – By bonding the sheets of glass together, the light refraction is reduced and the contrast increased, especially in high ambient and direct light conditions
  • No condensation between layers – Optical bonding reduces the air gap between the panes of glass – moisture cannot penetrate and cause fogging
  • Improved ruggedness – An optically bonded display is more stable and resistant to mechanical strain
  • Improved heat dissipation (up to a factor of 8) – By eliminating the isolating air gap between the panes of glass, heat can dissipate

The vacuum bonding process uses production jigs, and is fully automated; it therefore ensures a very stable production giving improved yield, production speed and precision.  The first clean Vacubond room was set up mid 2013 at our European head facility in Munich, but within the last month we have launched a mirror bonding operation in our New York facility to support the American market.  This dual production also ensures full redundancy backup and enables split production for the larger projects ensuring we can maintain supply under any circumstance.

With “wet bonding” the final step is a drying process, which can cause uncontrolled effects in the optical quality (bubbles, scratches, and moiré) due to material-shrinking.  Vacuum Bonding doesn’t need a drying process, therefore avoids these issues

Features of optical bonding include

  • Bonding of all LCD sizes from 3.5″ to 27″
  • Bonding of touch screens (in all technologies incl. resistive, capacitive, projective capacitive)
  • Bonding of safety glasses incl. bespoke cover glass for the industrial tablet look
  • Bonding of pure TFT cell without bezel possible
  • Fast sample production
  • Perfect material stability over time (e.g. no yellowing)
  • Bonding of free issued third party displays

The Optical Bonding technology compliments the DT range of industrial and high bright displays which consists of sizes from 4.3” up to 82” and includes the Super-bright 15” at 2000cd.

The core TFT LCD range consist of AUO, Innolux, LG Philips, Kyocera, Mitsubishi, Samsung and SGD where the focus is concentrated on the industrial panels which ensures the highest quality and continuity of supply.

All displays can be supplied on their own as components, as kits with our in house designed and manufactured range of Prisma AD (VGA /    HDMI / Composite / DisplayPort) interface cards or as finished modular POSLine industrial Monitors which would have integrated AD board, media player or industrial client PC options.

Subject to the project brief DTL are able to customise a standard product or offer full solution design service through our R&D division ensuring that the LCD TFT chassis / monitor meets the client’s requirement exactly

Please contact Display Technology Ltd, where a demonstration of the technology can be organised, and project details discussed.

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