2013 has been a landmark year for TR Fastenings as it celebrated 40 years at the forefront of the fastenings distribution and manufacturing business. From small beginnings, TR Fastenings has now grown into a £100 million business, with global distribution, manufacturing and sales networks.

TR’s products are used by electrical engineers every day and advances in product technology and design means that TR is constantly adapting and expanding its range in response to customer demand.

Sheet Metal Fasteners

TR Fastenings has positioned itself as a market leader in this sector with its own-brand range of sheet metal fasteners, which come in a range of shapes and sizes and in many materials, including the Hank Rivet Bush, Hank Self-Clinch, Weld Nuts, Blind Rivets, Blind Rivet Nuts, Cage Nuts, Weld Studs and Swage Nuts.

TR Fastenings also supplies the K-Series nut, which offers a permanent female thread that can be installed without the need for specialist tooling. Once fixed, the product offers a permanent thread with a high prevailing torque.

K-Series nuts are manufactured in a case hardened carbon steel, plated and tested to ISO898, though stainless steel can be supplied to order. Sizes range from M2.5-M16, with three different spigot lengths; the body of the product is hexagon with a serrated spigot.

TR’s range of Hank Rivet Bushes, Hank Self-Clinch, Blind Rivets, Euro Rivet Bushes, Swage Nuts, Weld Nuts and K-Series products all offer threads in a variety of materials where the sheet is too thin to be tapped by conventional methods.

Tuning Screws

Reflecting the diverse range of fasteners and fixings solutions offered by TR Fastenings, we also pride ourselves for our success in manufacturing and supplying tuning screws to major global telecommunication companies and their sub-contact base. Tuning screws are used in microwave filters and power amplifiers and are part of base station and antenna systems predominately for the mobile telecommunications network. As networks expand and data rates increase these units play a very important role.

The tuning screws are generally brass with a silver plated finish and have a fine pitch thread plus a matching brass locking nut. Stainless steel is also used in certain applications. Sizes vary in both diameter, thread size, thread pitch and length depending on the application and space constraints. Different drive types such as Slot or TORX are most common and the “nose” design of the tuning screw is also a very important feature for ensuring precise tuning capability and stable signal/power performance. New developments for faster and easier tuning functionality have led to self-locking possibilities being implemented in certain applications.  

Products for Plastics

Further investment in product development for the thermoset and thermoplastic industries has enabled TR Fastenings to expand its screws for plastics range with the introduction of the
new Plas-Fix 45 screw. This product has a 45-degree angle and Tri-lobular thread form, which makes it ideal for harder plastics, offering superior screw performance with low torque drive and high pull out strengths.  

TR Fastenings’ range of products for plastics also includes a comprehensive selection of brass inserts. Consisting of sixteen different types, both headed and un-headed, these brass inserts are available in sizes ranging from M2 up to M10. The variety of styles offers a number of installation methods with varying performance levels, allowing users to easily find the product to suit their individual application.

TR’s products for plastics meet virtually all assembly requirements within the thermoset and thermoplastic industries and can offer considerable time and cost-saving benefits. Additionally, they are designed for optimum performance and therefore can be used in a number of different industries, including electrical, telecommunications, sound and vision.

Plastic Fasteners Range

One of the most exciting developments at TR Fastenings has been the launch of a new plastic fasteners and fixings range for Printed Circuit Board (PCB) hardware and Cable Management requirements. Plastic fasteners and fixings are set to be a core part of TR’s expansive product portfolio, with a comprehensive range available, on demand and competitively priced.

Manufactured in high-performance and incredibly versatile Nylon 6 and Nylon 6/6,
TR Fastenings’ new PCB range includes circuit board hardware, rivets, screws, Cable Management and Wiring Accessories. Combining functionality and reliability without compromising on quality, these plastic fasteners feature extensive benefits which can assist in efficiency and productivity of production processes. Not only can one plastic fastener be used for a variety of purposes, but they also have other qualities, including ease of use, being formed from a lightweight material, strength at low and high temperature, resistance to impact, abrasion, organic solvents and gasoline, retention of shape and stiffness at high temperature. Furthermore, TR’s plastic range meets with the necessary industry standards and sizes, all products satisfy the RoHS compliance (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) legislation, are ISO 14001/2004 compliant and available in flame-retardant versions.

The new moulded Nylon range for PCBs addresses a multitude of application needs, but the range is especially beneficial in the electronics and telecoms industry, such as ATM machines, PCs, laptops and mobile phones, as well as in lighting. In such applications, with their closely grouped electrical components, plastic fasteners offer the ideal solution as they are a non-conductive material. Furthermore, TR is introducing an extensive range of Cable Ties, Cable Management products and Wiring Accessories, for effective Cable Management.

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