Turn your digital signage, gaming or point of sale networked monitor system into a valuable data source with Advantech-GPEG’s unique intelligent video card.

The m2talk video card gives users remote access and control of any networked monitor system, without the need for costly additional wiring, communication ports or power supplies, enabling them to react to real-time events and interact directly with customers.

It includes a number of on-board sensors that can be set up to reports faults, detect user damage and other critical information vital to the performance of the monitor.

The system also features settings including a real-time clock, automatic adjustment of brightness and temperature levels to reduce power and running costs and it can create service alerts to extend the product lifetime.

Proximity detectors enable users to target and identify audience presence at a relatively low cost.

The m2talk network monitor card has been designed to fit with any of Advantech’s intelligent displays, including open frame or closed frame solutions, and supports up to 1,920 x 1,200 (UXGA) resolution panels and a built-in 15W audio amp.

The video card communicates with a host PC via a monitor driver that sits alongside the PC video card drivers. It will mate with other compatible video cards, such as Intel, S3 and Matrox, and is powered directly from the cards or a VGA interface.

A dynamic link library (DDL) is installed on the host PC which allows communication with the m2talk daughter board. The m2talk functions, which can be customised to your exact requirements, are accessed and used either via a LAN or WAN connection.


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