Three high-performance 16- and 14-bit transmit D/A converters (DACs) have been released by Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI). The DACs feature extended operating temperature ranges with high-reliability packaging for radar, secure communications, avionics, and other defence electronics applications.

The company’s 14-bit dual-channel AD9117, 16-bit dual-channel AD9122 and 14-bit single-channel AD9739 transmit DACs are designed for signal synthesis applications, including pulse-modulated waveform generation and for synthesising the modulated carrier in quadrature digital architectures.

In addition to extended temperature ranges, some aerospace and defence applications require an alternate solution to matte tin (Sn) for lead-frame packages in order to eliminate the concern with the whiskering associated with the Sn plating process. These DACs are available in NiPdAu  lead-frame or Pb BGA packaging, as applicable, to avoid the issue of whiskering.

The NiPdAu lead-frame package is assembled with low halogen/halogen-free RoHS-compliant materials and the entire lead-frame is pre-plated.

Analog Devices, Inc.