HiTek Power offers two families of single output high voltage power supplies which meet the exacting requirements found in electron and ion beam systems, as well as being suitable for use in X-ray systems, ion and chemical vapour deposition and general laboratory use.

These ultra-slim, lightweight and compact units measure only 430mmW x 500mmD x 42mmH, providing 400W or 600W respectively from a unit measuring only 1U.  This breakthrough in power density has been achieved by careful design of the power electronics and thermal management.  Use of a proprietary HV sleeve design, microcontroller performance monitoring and surface-mount technology guarantee high levels of performance and reliability.  The 1U construction allows operation at full power when close mounted in a standard equipment rack, giving significant savings in rack space in large systems.

Both the Series OL400W and OL600W offer a range of units with output voltages from 1kV to 80kV, using air as the insulation medium for voltages up to 60kV. Output currents range from 5mA to 400mA for the OL400W depending on output voltage, or 7.5mA to 600mA for the OL600W, again depending on output voltage. Positive or negative output polarities are available to order. 

Both ranges of power supplies are fully RoHS compliant to EU Directive 2002/95/EEC and offer excellent performance, as well as high reliability.

The Series OL400W and Series OL600W both offer full digital front panel control and monitoring. Customised remote interface options are available, incorporating both digital and analogue control and monitor signalling. These units incorporate HiTek Power’s proprietary Arc Count and Extinguish (ACE) arc management system, which continuously monitors the output of the supply and can be programmed to perform a number of different actions if one or more arcs are detected. This dramatically improves the reliability of the entire system in which it is installed. In addition, protection is provided against over-voltage, over-temperature, fan failure and continuous short-circuit.

Due to the very specialist nature of high voltage power supplies, a very high proportion of the units manufactured by HiTek Power are either custom-built to the customer’s precise specifications, or are units from the standard portfolio which have been modified to achieve their requirements.  So HiTek Power can build different variations of the OL400W or OL600W if required.

About HiTek Power:

HiTek Power is a leading supplier of high voltage power supplies to a wide range of industrial markets. For example, it has been a global supplier to all the major ion implanter manufacturers for over 30 years. Its medium and high voltage supplies provide high performance, high reliability and exceptional quality, all of which have led to the company’s success as the world leader in the ion implantation power supply market.

For more information on HiTek Power and its product capabilities, please visit www.hitekpower.com or email our sales team at sales.uk@hitekpower.com.