A new development in capacitors technology has been unveiled by Murata with what the company claims is the world’s first SMD safety ‘Y2’ capacitor, designed for automotive applications.

The devices are pending approval to IEC 60384-14 an international standard that outlines protection from electrical shock and risk of fire. This is particularly significant to the growing electric (EV) and hybrid electric vehicles (HEV) market, by which these capacitors are ideal for use as part of an AC power line filter in a battery charger or as a DC line filter of a DC-DC converter/inverter unit.

The device design improves long-term resilience against vibration and bending stresses including the use of metal terminals as protection against substrate expansion and contraction. Such forces can cause solder crack failure as a result of the wide temperature changes experienced. Also, the series offer higher reliability characteristics compared to discrete capacitor elements since they are designed to accommodate the higher levels of mechanical shock and movement encountered in any automotive environment.

The series is also certified to the automotive industry AEC-Q200 stress test qualification for passive components.

They are rated at 630VDC working voltageand are available in 2,200, 4,700 or 10,000 pF capacitance values.