A new PCIe 3.0 solution (Option PCE3) has been released by Tektronix, which builds on the company’s PCIe 1.0 and 2.0 specification test solutions. Coupled with Serial Data Link Analysis (SDLA) software, the device enables verification transmission and channel performance of PCIe 3.0 architecture designs and provides support for both the PCIe 3.0 base specification and CEM specification measurements.

The architecture provides low-cost, high-performance I/O technology that includes a new 128b/130b encoding scheme and a data rate of 8 GT/s, doubling the interconnect bandwidth over the PCIe 2.0 specification. Based on the same board material (FR4) and connectors as previous generations, the new architecture represents a far more difficult test challenge, with smaller margins and new jitter measurements required to account for increased signal loss in the channel.

With 100 GS/s oversampling and up to 20GHz frequency respo, the Series of oscilloscopes deliver the performance and signal fidelity required to meet PCIe 3.0 technology test challenges. Option PCE3 for these instruments accelerates the analysis and validation of PCIe architecture designs.