A new power measurement software package for precision power analysers has been released by Yokogawa.

The software is specifically designed for testing standby power in accordance with the latest IEC62301 Ed.2.0 (international) and EN50564:2011 (European) standards.

The software is aimed at manufacturers of domestic electrical appliances and related equipment, who need accurate measurements to ensure that their products operate at optimum energy efficiency with minimum standby power consumption.

The new standards will help to ensure that power efficiency is incorporated into all the key stages of the product manufacturing process.

The EU has supported an initiative by the International Energy Agency to limit the standby power consumption of a single piece of equipment to 1W, a threshold that is expected to decrease to 0.5W by 2013. 

These guidelines have been adopted by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), which has recently released the second edition of its International Standard IEC 62301 (Household electrical appliance – Measurement of standby power). The European EN50564:2011 standard adopts a similar approach.

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