A new series of high side unipolar current sense monitors has been released by Diodes Incorporated. The ZXCT1107/09/10 series eliminates the need to disrupt the ground plane when sensing a load current.

The devices provide accurate, high efficiency measurement of load current in motor drive, overload protection and safety applications. Coupled with their low operating current performance, a wide common-mode voltage range, of 2.5V to 36V, and extended -40ºC to 125ºC temperature range, is well suited to higher supply voltage automotive, industrial and white goods circuit design.

They Require just a single external gain setting resistor in addition to a low value sense resistor making the monitors simple to use, keeping component count to a minimum whilst saving space with their SOT23 packaging. Sensing current on the high-side also avoids any ground plane disruption.

The ZXCT1107 offers a range of pin-outs to help optimise board layouts, whilst the ZXCT1107 and ZXCT1109 are 3-pin SOT23 package variants. The ZXCT1110 is a 5-pin device with a separate ground pin facilitating improved performance.