The units are extremely versatile. They can be set up to house three x 3U PCBs, one 3U and one 6U or a single 9U card. In the multiple configuration units, different depths can be installed in each section. In all versions, the robust KM6-HD front tiebars can be either IEEE1101.10 for compatibility with the injector/ejector handles required by bus structures such as VME64x and CompactPCI, or IEC297 compatible for general-purpose applications. The front and rear tiebars are secured to the top and base, which are pre-punched with holes in the appropriate positions for different sized Eurocards.

At the front, an extruded aluminium bezel, finished in conductive Iridite NCP, provides a 9U wide aperture and the standard 19” rack mounting fixing holes. A channel in the base of the aperture allows a 9U wide stainless steel conductive gasket to be installed if enhanced shielding is required. The rear panel is fitted with a 150 x 25mm cable entry gland plate and the sides of the unit have an EMC-compatible ventilation hole pattern. The heavy-duty clip-in card guides are available in 160 and 220mm depths; they can be fitted with PCB grounding clips and ESD front panel clips if required, and screwed down if increased strength and resistance to shock and vibration is needed. A 160mm card guide with a 0.5HP offset for CompactPCI PSUs is available.

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