A new DC/DC LED control demonstration kit, based on the RL78/I1A microcontroller (MCU) has been released by Renesas Electronics. The MCU series consists of five standard products (ASSP) and is designed for lighting applications.

A new version of the company’s software GUI tool is available with the kit. This enables very easy graphical configuration of an LED lighting system while also generating pre-compiled C code for the MCUs.

It enables programming of the target device using only a USB cable. Using the software tool assists with generating communication protocol stacks for DALI and DMX512 in seconds.

The evaluation board included in the kit implements efficient circuits to demonstrate programmable 3-channel LED constant 350 milliampere (mA) current control in buck converter topology.

Using the 16-bit PWM timers running at 64 megahertz (MHz) and set to the dithering function, further improves the average resolution under a nanosecond.

The board also provides a number of dedicated analogue peripherals integrated on the chip, such as a programmable gain amplifier and comparators.

Renesas Electronics Europe