An online selection tool for quick location of the best power supply reference design for LED lighting applications has been launched by Power Integrations.

Starting with basic decisions such as application and power level, it enables users to see the filtered results quickly and clearly. For example, the new tool simplifies the process of screening multiple designs while evaluating the effect of isolated vs. non-isolated topology or power range.

The guide allows engineers to enter selection criteria and drill down to the best choice from the company’s library of reference designs for LED lighting.

It lists designs according to three major areas of application: residential, commercial, and industrial. For each list, users can sort data and filter results using different parameters.

Andrew Smith, Product Marketing Manager at Power Integrations said: “The LED Design Selector is ideal for lighting designers working to optimise their LED driver based on multiple electrical and physical design requirements.

“The tool enables quick identification of the best design approach and option trade-offs.”

The tool is available for trial at:

Power Integrations