Altium has released a new version of its Altium Designer 14 with emphasis on core PCB design technologies. This platform now features support for flex and rigid-flex design, including schematic capture, 3D PCB layout, analysis and programmable design – all in a single, unified solution.

The addition of native 3D visual support allows for increased processing and communication within a smaller space.

The release includes the ability to handle the challenges of flex and rigid-flex designs including advanced layer stack management. It also offers  support for embedded PCB components allowing for greater design miniaturisation opportunities by placing standard components on an inner layer of the circuit board during fabrication.

It also enables simplification of high speed design rules, including automated and guided adjustment of differential pair width-gap settings ensuring pair impedance is maintained.

The capabilities of the PCB Editor’s via-stitching have been enhanced to include the ability to constrain the via-stitching pattern to a user defined area.

The company has also introduced an importer for CadSoft Eagle so customers can use design files in other formats.

The Autodesk AutoCAD Import / Export  offers support for transfer of designs to and from AutoCAD.DWG and. DXF formats whilst interfaces have been upgraded to support the latest versions of AutoCAD and a wider range of object types.