YEG Components announce the Development of RHA Series of Screw Terminal Type Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors – the World’s First Mass Production of 650V Rated Voltage Product (Guaranteed 5000 hours Operation at 85°C)

Nippon Chemi-Con has developed the RHA Series of ultra high voltage 650V screw terminal type aluminum electrolytic capacitors with a durability of 5000 hours operation at 85°C. This is the first time in the world that aluminum electrolytic capacitors with a rated voltage of 650V have been mass produced.

Screw terminal type aluminum electrolytic capacitors are used as smoothing capacitors in the inverter systems that are indispensable for obtaining the high efficiency operation of industrial equipment such as machine tools, industrial robots, and servo motors required by modern machines and manufacturing.

Conventionally, the highest rated voltage of screw terminal type aluminum electrolytic capacitors was 600 to 630V for mass produced aluminium electrolytic capacitors. However, the RHA Series developed this time has succeeded in increasing the rated voltage to up to 650V.

By using ultra high voltage aluminum electrolytic capacitors, it becomes possible to reduce the number of series-connected capacitors, enabling equipment downsizing and reducing the number of balance resistors required for series connection.  This results in a cost reduction and a more compact design.


Technical Advantages

In order to Achieve the Ultra High voltage and at the same time offer high capacitance, Nippon Chemi-Con have developed a new aluminium electrode foil coupled with a new  high voltage electrolyte which has increased the breakdown voltage to over 800V.

To guarantee the high reliability of the capacitor at the high voltage , Nippon Chemi-con have also redesigned the internal mechanical construction of the capacitor to significantly improve the conduction of heat generated away from the core and to either the chassis or heat sink.

Mass production of the RHA Series commenced in July 2013.

YEG Components is an authorised distributor for Nippon Chemi-Conin the UK.  We offer design in and logistics support ensuring your project is delivered on time and to budget.


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