With the latest advances in power saving technology, Young Electronics Group is pleased to announce the release of four new Bluetooth® 4.0 low profile wireless transceiver modules from Fujitsu Components which compliments their existing range of Bluetooth® and Wireless LAN Modules. Ideal for applications such as mobile terminals, remote controlled devices and other battery powered equipment. These modules conform to the new Bluetooth® low energy standard 4.0 offering substantial improvements in energy consumption over the earlier Bluetooth® standards and are available with (MBH7BLZ02) or without (MBH7BLZ01) an integrated antenna. The new modules offer a compact size 12.4 x 9.4 x 1.6mm without antenna and 17.6 x 10.6 x 1.8mm with antenna, both surface mounted. Fujitsu’s Bluetooth® 4.0 Low Energy modules provide secure wireless communication with any Bluetooth® Smart ready device.
The modules are based on Nordic Semiconductor’s nRF51822 integrated circuit and are available either with upper layer protocol stack and profiles embedded for convenient integration of Bluetooth® Low Energy, and a user definable type where the built-in 32 bit ARM® CortexTM M0 processor allows adding upper layer profiles including ‘private’ profiles and application code.  The built-in MCU allows adding upper layer profiles including a private profile and application.  By using the development tools available from Nordic Semiconductor, it is possible to implement specific processing into the module and compose functions without using an additional MCU  The module contains the complete verified and qualified Bluetooth® Low Energy protocol stack offering flexibility and a high level of customisation. It therefore provides the perfect solution to reduce product size, cost and design complexity and therefore time to market is minimised with the obvious cost savings that come with that.

Customers can download a new Bluetooth® qualified protocol stack including GAP, GATT, SM, L2CAP and a software development kit (“SDK”) from Nordic Semiconductor website www.nordicsemi.com. Users will be required to register and a product key is required for free download which is provided with the evaluation kit. The evaluation kit consists of an evaluation board, a debugger board and a USB dongle to emulate another device. A daughter board is also necessary (the evaluation kit and the daughter board are sold separately).

The modules offered by YEG include a crystal oscillator and are compatible with UART, SPI, I2C and GPIO interfaces. The low power consumption can be expressed in the following data; in sleep mode power consumption is 3µA, in TX Mode, 10.5mA and in RX Model 13mA. The modules require a supply voltage of between 2.1V up to 3.6V and a transmit power of maximum +4dBm whilst the receiver sensitivity is typically -91dBm.

YEG offers offer an evaluation kit for evaluation and software development. In addition, a software writing service (chargeable) is available to write the customer-developed software into the module.  Optimization of antenna characteristics on the customer’s product is also supported to reduce development processes.

Bluetooth® LE is a hallmark of the latest release of Bluetooth® wireless technology and is a pre-requisite for Bluetooth® Smart products. Such products are able to interoperate with the latest generation of Bluetooth® Smart Ready handsets and tablets now being offered by major consumer electronics companies. YEG are able to offer full technical support to help with your products development including evaluation kits, design-in, software and logistics support.

More information on the range can be seen on the YEG’s specialist components website at: www.yegcomponents.co.uk or contact:

Andrew Philips –  Divisional Manager

Young Electronics Group

Tel: 01494 753500

Email: Andrew.phillips@youngelectronics.com