Sensing and switching in a single TO-220 thermostat with the Airpax™ 6700 series, from Charcroft……..

With a fast, positive response and excellent repeatability, the Airpax™ 6700 series thermostats from Charcroft, are ideal for surface and air sensing on PCBs and heat sinks. Compatible with high-speed automated pick-and-place manufacturing, the 6700 series eliminates the need for the expensive hand placement and termination required for most power-supply thermostats.

These sub-miniature bimetal disc thermostats have a positive snap-action, single-pole/single-throw, with a switch capability of up to 0.5 amp for 48 VDC, and low-level switching down to 0.001A to 0.020A at 5 VDC for 100,000 cycles.

The temperature is pre-set at the factory and thermal conductivity is achieved through the terminals and the standard nickel-plated copper mounting bracket. An optional laminated plastic mounting bracket can be used for increased dielectric strength and VDE approval.

Primarily developed for thermal management applications on power supplies, the Airpax™ 6700 series is also suited for use on heavily-populated PC boards. Typical uses include turning on an indicator light, sounding an audible alarm; switching on a control circuit to send a message to a display screen; or switching a circuit to shut-down a system. Applications include aircraft, automotive, medical devices and test equipment as well as computers and computer peripherals.

In addition to TO-220 and DIP packages, Airpax thermostats are available from Charcroft as probes and half-inch bimetal discs. Download the full Airpax thermostat and circuit breaker Power Protection Catalogue at or request a sample or pricing at