A desktop case designed by Schroff with integral 19in. subrack and plug-in units has been selected to house the sophisticated electronics of a modular calibration gas generator, developed by University of Cambridge spin-out, Owlstone Nanotech.

The Owlstone OVG-4 is a compact system that calibrates gas sensors without the need for expensive, bulky and potentially dangerous high-pressure gas cylinders. Producing only trace concentration levels of gases, the system is ideal for applications ranging from the calibration of explosive detectors in the defence sector to validation of personal monitors for industrial health and safety.

During the development of the instrument, it was identified that the enclosure needed to be robust, to accommodate the modular design of the system and have the right external appearance.

It was decided that these criteria would all be fulfilled by this sturdy and stylish Comptec desktop case, in conjunction with the company’s 19in. subrack and plug-in units.