Global lighting market

A recent report by McKinsey indicates that the global lighting market will reach revenues of around EUR 100 billion by 2020, with the general lighting market accounting for EUR 83 billion. The market is on a transition path from traditional lighting technologies to light emitting diodes (LEDs) and, according to the report, LEDs will account for almost 70% of the general lighting market in 2020. These figures show that there is huge market potential for LED manufacturers and, as the industry develops and becomes evermore complex, these manufacturers are responding with increasingly sophisticated devices to correspond with the needs of luminaire designers worldwide.

Latest LED technologies available from RS

Following a recent agreement with Philips Lumileds, a leading provider of LED technologies, RS Components is now supporting the company as a global authorised distributor, and is stocking the very latest LUXEON Z ES family of high-power emitters. The LUXEON Z ES emitters are an ideal choice for indoor and outdoor light sources requiring superior beam angles, higher efficiency and lower cost.

Measuring just 1.6 x 2.0 mm, these new micro-sized surface-mount LEDs provide industry-leading luminance, colour consistency, high-lumen density and design flexibility through a 1-step MacAdam ellipse in warm white colour options. The undomed device architecture provides precise optical control and full spectrum availability for superior beam angle control in applications such as retail, where high efficacy is critical.

LUXEON Z ES is available with below blackbody binning, a key feature required for superior colour perception in retail and hospitality applications. It also offers 10-15 percent superior Colour over Angle (CoA) over standard domed emitters for higher Quality of Light needs in indoor applications, making it ideally suited for lamps such as GU10, BR30, and A19 lamps. In directional light sources such as an MR16 lamp, the undomed design allows better optical coupling for greater luminance at narrower beam angles and better colour consistency than other LED solutions.

Philips Lumileds is a leader in illumination grade white LED light sources. Quality, when used to describe white light from LEDs, refers to the consistency of colour in the beam of light and correlated colour temperature (CCT) variations over time and temperature and CCT variation between individual products. Philips Lumileds’ advanced packaging, materials and binning competencies, coupled with the company’s patented phosphor deposition systems, produce the best quality white light available to deliver consistent white colours throughout the light beam.

The LUXEON Z and Z ES emitters are offered over a range of CCTs from 2700K to 6500K with 5-, 3- and a first-ever 1-step MacAdam Ellipse binning option—enabling the next generation of high efficiency tuneable solutions with a combination of different colours, including white CCTs, lime, blue, PC amber and red.

A key element in delivering quality high-power LEDs is managing the heat emitted from the LED chip. Advanced packaging technology provides LUXEON power LEDs with unique thermal management capabilities. Using a thermal heatsink slug for the LED chip, heat is pulled away from the chip and can be transferred to a thermal management system. Because of the unique thermal design features and capabilities, LUXEON LEDs can withstand the industry’s highest junction temperatures allowing for increased light output performance. 

Growth through global distribution

The recent partnership with RS is part of a recent initiative by Philips Lumileds to restructure its distribution channels, steered by the LED vendor’s strategic objective to grow its customer base globally through expansion into new markets.

In its 17 distribution centres located around the world RS has the capacity to stock the full breadth of the Philips Lumileds range, and is thus equipped to provide luminaire designers with immediate access to a comprehensive portfolio of application-specific LED solutions.  Products can be sourced and purchased quickly online via the RS website and despatched on the same day. 

“This agreement with RS means that we are able to serve the needs of our growing customer base and continue our widespread expansion into new target markets,” said Pierre-Yves Lesaicherre, CEO Philips Lumileds. “With its worldwide presence and excellent online ordering and design support capabilities, RS is a valuable asset to our global network of distribution partners.”

“Our strategy at RS is focused heavily on reducing design times for engineers by supporting them with free online design resources, and by providing fast, easy access to a vast selection of products direct from stock,” said Jonathan Boxall, Global Head of Semiconductors at RS Components. “We are delighted to be partnering with Philips Lumileds, a move that will provide luminaire designers worldwide with a significant competitive advantage by combining leading-edge LED products with a time- and cost-efficient sourcing and purchasing experience.”

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