The VeroPower family of 3U pluggable switched mode AC-DC power supplies from Verotec offer high power densities in compact plug-in modules compatible with any standard 19” subrack system. The VeroPower range consists of 20, 40 and 50 Watt units in slimline 4HP (0.8”) width, 80W supplies in 8HP (1.6”) width and 150W units in 12HP (2.4”) width. All sizes have autoranging 94-253VAC, 47 – 63Hz input voltages, making them suitable for use in all geographies without having manually to set the input voltage. The units can be supplied with a standard removable front panel that enables then to be recessed into the subrack if required; for use in IEEE1101/10/11 compliant systems, an EMC screened panel can be fitted to preserve continuity with adjacent modules. Only convection cooling is required when the units are running continuously at full power, reducing noise and improving reliability. The higher output 80 and 150W versions feature Active Power Correction to increase efficiency, giving up to 87% under real-world operating conditions. The 80 and 150W units can also be used in N+1 redundancy systems when required.

Output voltages are set to meet the requirements of the major bus structures. Rails of +3.3V, +5V, +12, -12V, ±12V, +15V, -15V, ±15V and 24VDC are available in various single or triple configurations, and power sharing technology in the 80 and 150W units allows the power to be delivered in the most efficient way in multi-output devices, giving physically smaller and more economical power sources. A 3.3, 5, 12 and -12V quad output is available from the 80W unit.

All versions feature short circuit protection and overvoltage protection, they have powerfail signalling, operate from 0 to 70°C with linear output de-rating above 50°C and are CE Marked to the Safety and EMI Directives.

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