A 1.5A step down regulator has been developed by Exar Corporation that is capable of delivering high frequency in a SOT 23 Package. The XRP7659 joins the company’s PowerBlox family of high voltage and high current step down regulators.  Its features a high operating frequency, integrated high side MOSFET switch and control loop compensation,  as a result the devices is able to reduce both overall component count and component sizes.

It has a fixed frequency operation of 1.4MHz and is optimised for a 12V input voltage making the device  suitable for a variety of consumer oriented applications such as infotainment equipment and set top boxes.

 It is also ideal for distributed power architectures and for generic point of load conversions. Additionally, it features a host of built in safety features such as output over voltage, over temperature, cycle-by-cycle over-current and under voltage lockout (UVLO) protection ensure safe operation under abnormal operating conditions.

The regulator is a non-synchronous PWM step-down (buck) voltage regulator capable of delivering an output current up to 1.5Amps. A wide 4.5V to 18V input voltage range allows for single supply operation from industry standard 5V, 9.6V and 12V power rails. With a 1.4MHz fixed operating frequency and current-mode control architecture, it provides fast transient response and achieves conversion efficiencies as high as 92%. An integrated soft-start prevents inrush current at turn-on, and in shutdown mode the supply current drops to 0.1µA.

 It offers the following protection schemes: output over voltage (open load), thermal shut-down, cycle-by-cycle over-current limit, and under voltage lockout (UVLO).

Exar Corporation