Panasonic has launched a new ASQ-M subminiature microswitch with both automotive applications, including doors, shift levers and seat position, and also household applications such as vacuum cleaners, air conditioning and white goods.

Offering 16vdc / 50mA switching capability the new ASQ-M relay is a very capable microswitch that allows reliable control of low level signal controls as required in many automotive and white goods applications.

Miniaturisation is achieved by the change from the standard 1x  changeover contact to either 1x normally open or 1x normally closed contact using a specialised sliding contact arrangement. This allows the volume to be reduced by 45% over the standard product. Silent operation is also assured due to the use of the sliding contact arrangement.

The choice of mounting wires along with the variations in lever style allows the designer to achieve the wide range of application specifications often met within the automotive and white goods environment with confidence.

The IP67 sealing standard allows reliable switching  and long contact  life in the most demanding environment since the contact pressure does not depend on the length of the operation stroke.