A Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS)-based magnetic reed switch has been developed by Coto Technology Inc. The company advises its RedRock RS-A-2515 offers zero power operation and high-power hot switching.

The company developed the switch using a MEMS-based design and manufacturing process, giving the device its very small formfactor. This is acieved by using wafer level packaging (WLP), as a result the switch is suitable for applications in the medical, military, and industrial markets.

The company claims the switch has a footprint of less than 2.5mm2 (1.125  by  2.185 mm), is 0.95 mm high and is considered to be one of the smallest MEMS-based reed switches available.

The switch includes closure sensitivity ranges from 5 to 25 millitesla, permitting operation up to 20mm using a small NdFeB magnet. It has a release sensitivity less than 15 millitesla (5mT), minimising the risk of sticking when the magnetic field is removed. The maximum switching voltage is 100VDC with a switching current of 50mA DC or 35mA AC, RMS. The zero operating power is said to be a critical advantage in power sensitive applications, particularly those operating with battery power.

Coto Technology Inc.