Two new connector products have been developed by Cliff Electronics, designed for ­pro-audio manufacturers and live music producers.

The company’s new family of Airtight XLR sockets have been developed primarily for active loudspeaker manufacturers, which are common in studio monitoring and similar ­hi-fidelity audio applications. In effect, they address possible air leakage affecting speaker fidelity.

The new connector family are inherently gas tight and are supplied with a flange sealing gasket, which promotes an efficient seal between the flange and mounting panel further helping to seal the mounting holes.

The connector and its gasket are designed for both front and rear panel mounting and are available in three pin horizontal PCB, vertical PCB and solder bucket versions.

An additional new connector from the company is the Cliffcon 1/4” JumboJack Plug which provides stage performers a solution to the problem of connecting high-current carrying, large section audio cables to conventional 1/4” audio jack plugs.

Cliff Electronics