A compact DIN 41612 type 3C crimp female cable connector has been ­released by Harting for use with smaller printed circuit boards or sub-assemblies. The device has three possible ­outlet ports, which can be opened up by breaking through the external walls as the design requires.

The locking levers are pre-injection moulded, so that subsequent assembly is not necessary. This design can ­reduce the number of individual ­components so is ideal for space ­constrained environments.

The crimp contacts are available on reels of 500 or 5000 ­contacts for series production and as individual contacts for repair purposes. Crimping can be ­carried out with a hand crimping tool, a semi-automatic device or a fully ­automatic device, depending on the unit ­volume and level of automation.

Strain relief is ensured by a cable tie which protects the cable and attaches it directly to the housing. Straight and right-angled male connectors, which snap into the shell housing, are also available as mating plugs.