A range of Fast-On terminal blocks and accessories for system and panel builders has been released by CLIFF Electronics.

The modular construction of the company’s Fast-On terminal blocks allows users to configure multiple unit assemblies for a range of applications. The terminal blocks are available in red, blue and black for easier identification and to cater for three-phase installations. Each terminal has a touch-proof cover which enables detection of unauthorised tampering. It is possible to write on the lid cover and for OEMs the company can hot-print custom legends onto the lid or front face.

These terminal blocks accept wire sizes from 26AWG to 12AWG and quarter fork spade connectors and have a clamping medium featuring a combi-screw with a slotted cross head which clamps on to a captive profiles washer. Contact material may be specified as nickel or gold plated and is rated to 30 Amps. The terminal blocks are designed to meet UL94HB, EN60065 (complies) and CSA C22.2 and have an operating temperature range of -20 to 80°C.

To assist assembly a chassis (quarter Fast-On) or PCB mounting is available and for additional mechanical stability a screw fixing module is available which can be positioned anywhere in a multiple assembly to allow it to be screwed to a PCB or chassis. Curved end termination caps are available to finish the ends cleanly and give sufficient creepage clearance for the end terminals to meet UL norms.

Applications for terminal blocks include medical equipment, alarm panels, loudspeakers, building automation and control systems and white goods.

Cliff Electronics