New LED Enclosure Lamps

STEGO – have broken the mould in the enclosure and 19” rack lighting industry becoming the first company to develop and manufacture a series of Enclosure LED lamps.

Two versions have been developed that can be used world-wide, 100-240vac and 24-48vdc. The service life of these LED lamps is far higher than conventional enclosure lamps, 60,000 hours compared to the standard lamp of 5,000 hours.

Energy efficient and with a luminosity of 900Lm makes this once again a wonderful development by STEGO. Each lamp has a male input plug and also a female output plug to allow “Daisy Chaining” of up to ten lamps where necessary. The new LED025 series is also smaller and thinner which is a great help in compact enclosures and racks. Magnetic mounting, screw fixing as well as PIR movement sensor options.

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