A new family of LED-driver ICs has been introduced by Power Integrations that are aimed at consumer, commercial and industrial lighting applications. The company’s new LYTSwitch IC family is said to deliver tight regulation and high efficiency for tube replacements and high-bay lighting, while providing a high level of performance in TRIAC-dimmable bulb applications.

The ICs incorporate PFC and CC into a single switching stage, as a result this is said to increase driver efficiency by over 90 percent in typical applications, which giving a power factor greater than 0.95. This meets with EN61000-3-2C requirements for total harmonic distortion (THD).

For optimised designs the devices can deliver less than 10 percent THD. The combined single-stage converter topology also eliminates high-voltage electrolytic bulk capacitors, which is described as being able to greatly extended driver lifetimes even in high ambient temperatures.

Accurate primary-side control creates for tight CC performance which is said to exceed +/- 5 percent regulation across load, a wide temperature range and production variation.

High switching frequency of 132kHz means that small, low-cost magnetics can be used in space-constrained bulb applications, while frequency jittering enables reduced EMI filter requirements. These devices also integrate all the company’s usual safety features, including overvoltage, overcurrent and over-temperature protection.

The LED-driver ICs are described as being particularly well suited for improving dimming performance when combined with TRIAC dimmers, even at low conduction angles, this meets with NEMA SSL6.

Start-up is said to be very fast, typically less than 500 ms, even when dimmed to less than 10 percent output. Bulbs using these ICs are able to turn on at almost the same dimming angle as it was at turn-off, virtually eliminating pop-on. Dead band in TRIAC dimming is also eliminated as the integrated controller ensures that dimming occurs as soon as the dimmer is operated.

The product datasheet and product introduction videos are also available at: http://www.powerint.com/products/lytswitch-family/lytswitch.

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