Hövelhof – CONTA-CLIP presents the PSPM and PSPC series of 24 V DC DIN rail power supply units. Each series comprises two models that supply output currents of 1 or 2 A, or 5 or 10 A. The units can be connected in line or in parallel, thus allowing for larger currents and voltages. The compact, low-cost devices safely transform 100..240 V AC to 24 V DC – all models comply with EN 61558-2-16 and EN 60950-1 (SELV) and fulfill EMC requirements according to EN 61204-3. The output voltage can be set between 23 and 28.5 V DC via a rotary potentiometer at the device front side. The power supplies are simply connected to the mains. Designed for 47..63 Hz, they can be used worldwide. Push-in terminal clamps ensure a quick, stable connection. PSPM and PSPC DC supplies are suitable for a wide range of applications in solar, measurement, and control technology as well as in industrial and building automation.

For more information, please visit www.conta-clip.com