Fujitsu Semiconductor showcased its FM Family ARM Cortex-M-based industrial solutions and FRAM (Ferroelectric RAM).

The company advises these devices offer a wide operating voltage range, including real 5V operation. Industrial network interfaces include up to two channels each of CAN, USB and Ethernet. Most products feature sophisticated structures for inverter control (one MCU can control up to three inverters or one multi-level inverter), targeting drives in the industrial automation and home appliance sectors. Another focus is low-power operation, with a group of products targeting ­sensors and handheld devices.

This range is aimed at capacitive touch applications such as touch buttons, sliders, scroll wheels, x/y matrices and proximity sensing. The platform is said to be optimised for use in industrial or medical applications and in white goods.

A use of hardware-accelerated capacitive touch sensing enables one ADC input pin per touch channel and is able to offer high sensitivity (<<10fF), a high dynamic range and a high signal-to-noise-ratio (SNR).

Fujitsu Semiconductor