A 3U CompactPCI Serial (CPCI-S.0) compliant chassis platform as well as peripheral boards for 10 Gigabit and Gigabit Ethernet, XMC-based I/O and SATA hard disks was presented by Kontron.

The company’s chassis family CPS-ASM4 is a range of 19 (84HP) or 42HP rack/wall-mount or tabletop enclosures, pre-integrated and EMI tested including backplane, power supply and fan tray options for 3U CompactPCI Serial installations. Five slot and Nine slot variants are available.

A 19 hybrid solution includes five CompactPCI serial slots and the assembly option for up to four additional classic CompactPCI extension boards.

The new network board ­features a dual 10 Gigabit Intel Ethernet Controller X540 and incorporates two copper interfaces on the front.

Existing infrastructures with common CAT6+ cables are able to establish 10 Gigabit interconnects. By using a PCI Express x8 interface to the backplane, the company’s new CPS3402 is said to deliver high transfer rates and an efficient data throughput, as it unburdens the CPU by using intelligent mechanisms, such as Checksum Offload, TCP Segmentation Offload and reduced interrupt operations.

The company advises its quad Gigabit Ethernet board provides four RJ-45 Gigabit Ethernet interfaces on the front panel.