Aluminium housings  for indoor electronics, which can be mounted to a wall or machine  have been designed and developed by Metcase.

The devices feature four-part assembly, which allows all round access to the electronics during installation.

Typical applications for the ‘Datamet’ range include control units, measurement technology, medical equipment, safety and security systems, communication devices and machine controllers. The new black models are especially useful for heavier industrial applications.

The enclosures consist of a diecast front bezel which locates onto the fabricated aluminium case body and rear panel assembly. The rear panel includes mounting points for fixing the PCBs and fitting the enclosure to a wall, or machine.

The underside of the case can be used for cable glands or connectors. The cases are very easy to assemble, and there are no visible fixing screws on the case body or rear panel.

Three standard sizes are offered and the new models are painted all black, RAL 9005 whereas the existing models are painted in a combination of window grey, RAL 7040 (bezel) and light grey, RAL 7035 (case body).