A broad range of Glow Wire connectors from TE Connectivity are now available from TTI Inc.  Due to the possibility of human misuse, over-current or short circuit failures occurring in an appliance wiring system, materials used in domestic appliances are required to meet strict fire protection requirements. The glow wire test is used to simulate heating effects that can occur in malfunctioning electrical equipment caused by an overloaded connection or an overheating component. TE Connectivity’s Glow Wire interconnects address all such safety and environmental requirements for applications in the home appliance sector, such as washing machines, fridges, dryers, ovens, water heaters, boilers and small electrical appliances and meet the test requirements of  IEC/EN 60335-1 5th Edition: Household and Similar Applicances – Safety. 

Glow Wire specification interconnects are available across many TE Connectivity product families, including: Power Triple Lock Connector System; Economy Power II and 2.5 Connector Series; Grace Inertia 2.5 and 3.3 Connectors; VAL-U-LOK Connector Series; Universal MATE-N-LOK Connectors; Power Double-Lock Connectors; 6 Position Power Double-Lock Connector; 2.5mm Signal Double-Lock Connectors. This broad product portfolio offers a one-stop solution for domestic appliance manufacturers.  The number of styles, accessories and variants includes wire to wire, panel mount, free hanging wire-to-board connectors, and vertical or right-angle options are available, with different centrelines and current ratings. 

The Glow Wire connection systems are also available in many different design configurations, including circular, flanged, sealed and coloured housings, to meet the design requirements of most appliances.

TTI, Inc.