Altera Corporation has announced goHDR, one of its early customers in the OpenCL for FPGAs program, achieved a significant reduction in development time and a dramatic increase in performance using the company’s OpenCL for FPGAs program. Working closely with Altera, goHDR ported its proprietary C-code to the OpenCL standard and implemented the code in an FPGA in less than a week – a process that typically requires 3-6 months using a traditional HDL flow.

The two companies integrated OpenCL as a common language which allowed goHDR to rapidly develop an HDR-enabled television solution. The solution implements proprietary video codec algorithm into an FPGA, enabling existing televisions to display HDR video content at real time rates – at least 25 frames per second. By using the OpenCL standard, goHDR was able to work entirely in a C-level environment and quickly perform multiple design iterations on their FPGA design.