A compact, new rack-mount spectrum analyser has been released by Link Microtek. The device utilises FFT technology to carry out rapid and accurate measurements on satellite communications signals, in the frequency range from 5MHz to 2.5GHz.

The NRA-2500 is manufactured by Narda Test Solutions, for use in satellite news gathering (SNG) vehicles, teleports and V-SAT stations. It weighs 5kg and is 1U high, in a 19in. instrument rack.

Integration of the solution into an existing measurement environment is simplified by the provision of 100BASE-TX Ethernet and USB connection and an ASCII-based command set for remote control.

Typical applications for the unit include antenna alignment, satellite tracking, monitoring of transponders and carriers, checking of transmission paths, and resolving problems between uplinks and mobile V-SAT stations.

Also available from the company are two other models in the family: the NRA-3000, which has been developed with design enhancements for broadcast applications in the frequency range of 9kHz to 3GHz, while the NRA-6000 is designed for measurements from 9kHz up to 6GHz, covering communications services such as GSM, UMTS, LTE and WiMAX.

Link Microtek