Stadium Power, the leading UK based provider of power supply solutions, now offer a wide range of DALI LED power supplies, LED drivers and controllers offering customers the ability to tailor LED lighting systems to individual requirements including; simplified system design, energy management, scene change, flexibility and ease of maintenance.

Available to buy online from Stadium Power at  LED power supply product ranges include the LDP and LDM IP65/IP67 constant current power supplies with outputs from 25 to 100W, the DLD-C070 IP67, DIP16 packaged with up to 1400mA output and the DALI compatible models DIM01H adjustable dual output up to 1000mA and IP65 rated and the MLD6-C070 wide input range, up to 1400mA output for synchronized control multi-channel lighting systems.

The Digital Addressable Lighting Interface (DALI) is a communications protocol that allows LED drivers and controllers to communicate. DALI offers many advantages over analogue control including simplified wiring, simple reconfiguring of lighting zones, increased illumination accuracy and feedback on the status of lighting components.

Stadium Power is also now offering the following DALI lighting controllers;

The DRD-S1 digital rotary dimmer has a single control for ON/OFF and adjustment of brightness. It can serve as a master controller and power supply for 2 slave controllers.  Automatic synchronization makes it possible to change the control location without disturbing lighting effects and it is capable of individually controlling 1 – 64 individual addresses or working in Broadcast mode.

With the same control function as the DRD-S1 the DRD-M1-A multipledimmer has a rotary control and keypad also features a green LED locator light, 1 – 6 Individual DALI addresses can be controlled independently, it is possible to recall and store up to 6 lighting scenes and readdressing of individual DALI components is possible.

The DRD-M1-E multiple dimmer provides keypad lighting control and offers the additional features of serving as master controller and power supply for 2 DRD-S1 slave controllers, independent control of 1 – 4 Individual DALI adddresses, recall and store of up to 4 lighting scenes

Finally the DTP-A DALI touch-panel controller also serves as master controller and power supply for 2 DRD-S1 slave controllers, can control 1-6 DALI addresses independently, recall and store up to 4 lighting scenes

Online orders are available for next day delivery from stocks held in the UK and delivery is free on orders over £20.

Other products available from Stadium Power include; EMC filters, plug-top and open frame medical power supplies for portable and system use, DC-DC converters, AC-DC power supplies from 5-1500W, battery chargers and EN54 Fire and Security power supplies offering the industry standard 13.8Vdc and 27.6Vdc outputs.

Stadium Power has over 30 years of experience in the manufacture of custom, standard and medical switch mode power supplies, programmable power supplies and converters, LED drivers and EMC Filters to international standards including EN, IEC, CSA and UL.

The company can offer a complete design and build custom power supply service including in-house Design, Engineering, NPI, PCB assembly and box build services. Offshore manufacturing for high volume products can be provided the wholly owned facility in Asia.

For more information on Stadium Power online or to enquire about any of its standard or custom power solutions visit , email  or call +44(0)1379 644233