QuickLogic Corporation advises it has expanded its CSSP strategy to include catalogue solutions. The company describes these are as off-the-shelf devices designed to address common sets of customer requirements without requiring any further customisation.

These solutions are developed in conjunction with the company’s ecosystem partners who focus on the rapidly expanding market for mobile and embedded processor applications.

 Initial applications targeted by the company with its ecosystem partners include scanners, terminals, tablets, AIDC (Automatic Identification and Data Capture) and digital image capture.

The combination of the inherent flexibility offered by CSSPs and QuickLogic’s rapid response to new opportunities has helped us expand our reach into markets that would have been impractical for us to address on our own,” said Miller Adair, General Manager, Sitara ARM processors, Texas Instruments Incorporated.

 “Embedded processor companies are challenged to balance what features they include in their processors while still addressing the broadest reach of applications in the embedded mobile market,” said Andy Pease, President and CEO of QuickLogic.

“By partnering with QuickLogic, processor companies can optimise their designs for mainstream applications and then leverage the flexibility of CSSPs to expand into adjacent markets.”