A 0.8mm pitch, 20 position SMT board stacking connector range has been released by Honda Connectors. The devices provide 0.8mm mating misalignment both laterally and longitudinally. A special ‘S’-shaped section in each contact strip provides the necessary flexibility, and with a reaction force of less than 0.098N per contact in both lateral and longitudinal directions the floating mechanism is also highly compliant.

Despite the small size of the QZAC-A connector series, each contact has a current capacity of 0.3 amps dc, a voltage rating of 120V ac and a withstand voltage of 250Vac for one minute. The contact resistance is 90M2 and the insulation resistance is 1,000 M2 at 250V dc. The connector is available with a stack height of 15mm and footprints of 9x18mm (20-pin). 9x42mm (80-pin) and 9x 58mm (120-pin) will be available soon.

The plug connector comprises four parts: contacts, inner and outer housings and a hold-down. In addition, for automatic pick-and-place, the plug connector can be fitted with a vacuum cap. The receptacle comprises three parts: contacts, housing and a hold-down. A guide post and corresponding hole allow blind mating of plug and receptacle, while miss-mating is avoided, thanks to L-shaped keying built into both plug and receptacle.