Lattice Semiconductor, manufacturer of low power, small form factor, customisable solutions, has announced that shipments of its iCE40 FPGAs have reached the 200 million mark since their launch just two and a half years ago.

Lattice has opened new markets for FPGAs with iCE40, most particularly in mobile consumer and handheld electronic designs. Customers around the world are using iCE40 and its solutions ecosystem to reduce development times and get to market quickly with killer features and capabilities that differentiate their products.

“iCE40 FPGAs have become vital components in many top brand smartphones and other mobile devices as this fiercely competitive market requires constant innovation, ever-lower power consumption and shorter product lifecycles,” said Joy Wrigley, Lattice’s iCE40 product line manager.  

Lattice recently announced new additions to the series, iCE40 Ultra FPGAs, which deliver 5x more functionality at 30% smaller size than competing solutions.