Vero Technologies’ Veronex case is one of the most adaptable small enclosures on the market. It is available in three variants: IP64 sealed, hand-held and instrument cases. It is available in four plan sizes and nine heights in all versions.

  • Plan sizes: 90 x 50mm; 120 x 60mm; 150 x 80mm and 190 x 100mm
  • Heights: 16, 24, 30, 32, 40, 45, 50, 60 and 80mm

All versions share common features

  • Internal PCB mounting bosses and slots for vertical PCBs
  • The design gives maximum usable space for PCBs and components
  • Moulded in flame retardant ABS
  • Plastic and metal end panels
  • Optional battery boxes
  • Optional EMC screened versions
  • Optional anti-bacteriological coatings for medical applications
  • Available in black, grey and white ex-stock
  • Available in red, blue, green and yellow in any quantity on short order time
  • Available in any colour subject to MOQ
  • Fast in house modification service to suit specific applications

IP64 sealed for protection against dust and water

IP64 sealing is achieved by a tongue and groove joint between the two covers and secondary seals behind the end panels that keep them in close contact with the inside face of the covers.

Hand held versions

On the hand-held range, the top cover features a recessed area to accept either a 60 x 96mm or 40 x 74mm membrane keyboard or label, and an industry standard 57 x 21mm or 37 x 17mm LCD cut-out, for which mounting bosses are moulded into the case.

Instrument cases

The instrument case range features include optional battery compartments, which will accept either 2 or 4 PP3, AA or AAA sized batteries and a choice of moulded or anodised aluminium end panels. The metal panel would normally be used at the rear for I/O and power connectors with the plastic panel at the front for aesthetic reasons.

EMC screening

All sizes can be supplied with an internal copper-silver painted coating to provide EMC capability; typical attenuations are better than 95dB at 1MHz and 46dB at 1GHz.


A range of dedicated development PCBs are available and vented end panels, additional PCB mounting hardware and rubber feet fit all sizes of enclosure. Belt clips, a tilt stand/carry handle option, shallow and deep battery compartments and clear acrylic LCD windows are also available.

In-house customisation

A fast turn-round in-house modification service offers milling, punching or drilling of apertures for pushbuttons, connectors and indicators and silk screening of both the enclosure body and end panels. All sizes can be moulded in many different materials and colours.

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