The enhanced capability has been added following the appointment of Andy Brickell, very experienced in the mechanical, thermal and EMC aspects of enclosures designs, to head up the design and compliance department. Another new appointment is Rishi Vadgama, who takes up the new position of design technician.

Verotec’s product portfolio is based on several versions of the iconic KM6 Eurocard subrack family, each with attributes that are optimised for specific operating environments, a wide range of metal enclosure styles, thermal management products, Eurocard-based pluggable power supplies and backplanes. All products are available as stand-alone units or combined into thermally managed, EMC ready to run integrated systems.

TecServ+ is a multi-element process. The key elements are engineering services, which include a full review of the electro-mechanical, environmental and regulatory requirements for the project; mechanical and electrical CAD design with 3D modelling for concept verification. Compliance services include RoHS, REACH and WEEE issues, in-house pre-compliance testing before EMC and safety testing for CE Mark. Once the design is finalised, component kitting, assembly and integration of both simple modified standard products and complex systems is part of the manufacturing services offered. Standard products are modified with machining, CNC punching, laser cutting, painting and silk screening of legends. Also available are logistical and project management services such as JIT and KAN BAN systems and product life cycle management that can be specified if required.

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