A range of high luminous flux white LEDs that combine a new ultra-compact package design with high luminous efficiency levels has been developed by Toshiba Electronics Europe (TEE). LEDs in the new TL19W01 series are ideal for LED bulb and other general lighting applications where they can provide reduced energy consumption and higher reliability than incandescent and fluorescent tube technologies.

The new series of transparent style LEDs features eleven devices that range from high efficiency, high-output models to LEDs that provide colour rendering performance close to natural light. Package dimensions of just 3.1mm x 3.8mm x 0.65mm help to significantly reduce space and facilitate the series with one of the industry’s thinnest 1 Watt white LEDs.

Luminous efficiencies are between 120 lumens per Watt (lm/W) and 100 lm/W for the high-efficiency models and up to 90 lm/W for the LEDs optimised for good colour rendering. Colour temperature ranges from 3000K to 6500K in accordance with the ANSI C78.377 standard. The new package offers a wide radiation characteristic with typical viewing angles of. 130° to 140°.

The devices have a typical forward voltage of. 3.3V and can be driven with forward currents up to 350mA.