General purpose nichrome resistors feature metal film technology: suit industrial, medical and consumer applications

TT Electronics’ GPCF Series SMD resistors for general purpose use in precision and semi-precision applications are now available at TTI, Inc., the world’s leading specialist distributor of passive, connector, electromechanical and discrete components. The GPCF Series is a nichrome chip resistor and is available in four compact sizes – 0402, 0603m 0805, and 1206 – and Ohmic value range 10R to 100K.  Aimed at circuit designers who require devices with greater precision than thick film resistors, the GPCF Series offers a better price/performance ratio than more costly high-performance thin film resistors.   The GPCF Series is suitable for applications requiring moderate precision of 0.1% tolerance and 25ppm/degC TCR, including instrumentation, power supplies, industrial controls and consumer medical equipment. Performance characteristics include a maximum operating temperature of +155degC. 

GPCF resistors are suitable for automated handling thanks to their rectangular shape and small dimensional tolerances.  Electrical connection to a ceramic substrate or to a PCB is made by reflow or wave soldering of wrap-around terminations.  The wrap-around terminations not only ensure reliable contact, they provide good leach properties.  The robust construction of the GPCF Series means the resistors can be immersed in a solder bath for 30 seconds at 260degC, enabling them to be mounted on one side of a PCB and wire-leaded components applied on the other side.

GPCF Resistors are supplied paper taped and reeled as per IEC 286-3.

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