A comprehensive range of solutions has been announced by Cannon Electronic Packaging (CEP), part of Cannon Technologies that are designed for the mechanical, electrical and environmental requirements of today’s markets and applications.

This is the latest in a series of activities that have seen CEP form strategic partnerships with Polyrack Tech-Group, a German manufacturer of subracks, cases and packaging for electronic equipment; and Asis, a global designer and manufacturer of complete enclosure systems for ATCA, CompactPCI and custom applications.

To ensure consistent, high-speed data transfer and system reliability, sensitive electronic component requires effective protection,’ explained Glenn Conlon, CEP’s Director of business development. “Our solutions not only defend against environmental factors such as dust, moisture, shock and vibration, but also protect electronics against thermal challenges that can lead to overheating and system failure.’

Utilising standards-based electronic packaging reduces upfront development costs and technical risk, while providing the latest proven technologies in a cost-effective platform. Included in CEP’s product portfolio are Polyrack Tech-Group’s market leading FutureX series comprising subrack and case solutions that come in a diverse range of heights, widths and depths to suit all requirements. Meanwhile, Asis produces an innovative range of 19” rack mountable ATCA chassis available in a variety of sizes from one to 14 slots, and which are suitable for use in a variety of markets, such as defence, medical and data centres.

In order to showcase the diversity of its offering and to explain its approach to project fulfilment, CEP has produced its new 32-page full colour Electronic Packaging and Embedded Systems Solutions Guide. Containing a wealth of product and service information, it also explains how CEP can meet the multi-faceted business needs of businesses across all sectors. To obtain a copy visit www.cannonep.co.uk or call +44 (0) 1425 638148.

Cannon Electronic Packaging