Texas Instruments (TI) celebrates 12 years of motor control applications with its C2000 TMS320F2812 and TMS320F2810 microcontrollers (MCUs). The F281x MCUs offer integration of high-performance digital signal processing, high-precision analog and flash memory on a single chip, which have made them customer favorites in a diverse range of applications, including drives and automation, automotive, aerospace, digital power, solar and smart grid technology. Twelve years after launch, TI has shipped tens of millions of C2000 F281x MCUs to customers around the world. TI continues to build on the success of the F281x MCUs with its Delfino and Piccolo MCU families, preparing the company for leadership in the MCU industry for many years to come.

“Delta Industrial Automation and Digital Power groups decided to use TI’s C2000 F281x MCU devices 10 years ago when we needed DSP performance with integrated analog and flash on a single chip,” said Dr. Jacky Chen, principal servo drives design manager, Delta Electronics. “Since that time, the compatible roadmap to new Delfino and Piccolo devices has made it easy for us to evolve our products while TI’s continued commitment to this day to the F281x MCU generation makes us comfortable that our products based on C2000 microcontrollers will still be in production for many years to come.”

“The response from our customers to the C2000 F281x generation of MCUs has been tremendous, and we’re excited that customers remain devoted to these MCUs 12 years later,” said Brian Fortman, marketing manager, C2000 MCUs, TI. “When we first announced the F281x MCUs, they offered an integrated feature set that was ahead-of-its-time and were the first true software programmable system-on-chip for advanced motor control. Customers still see the integrated features of this chip as ideal for a broad set of motor control applications today.”

The C2000 F2812 and F2810 MCUs offer:

· TI’s C28x core with 150 MIPS performance and 32-bit math capabilities, making computationally intensive control algorithms efficient.

· Fast interrupt response.

· Up to 256 kB on-chip flash memory.

· Fast and flexible 12-bit, 16-channel analog-to-digital converter (ADC).

· Optimised event managers, including 16 pulse-width modulation (PWM) generators, programmable general-purpose timers and glueless capture encoder interfaces.

· Software support to help accelerate development, including:

o   An optimised IQ math library.

o   Code Composer Studio integrated development environment (IDE).

· Easy evaluation and prototyping with the F2812 eZdsp Starter Kit.

· Upward compatibility to roadmap C2000 devices, software and tools, including the C2000 F28027F LaunchPad (LAUNCHXL-F28027F) with integrated InstaSPIN motor control technology.

C2000 F281x MCU generation launches successful roadmap

The high performance of the F281x MCUs’ DSP-capable C28x core along with its on-chip integration of real-time control and high-performance analog peripherals was the true embarkation of C2000 MCUs on their current roadmap. TI’s C2000 Delfino and Piccolo families of MCUs continue to leverage the same successful C28x core, enabling customers to develop highly compact, high-performance, real-time control systems that require a minimum number of external support devices. These two families of MCUs consistently integrate sophisticated features and peripherals — including programmable gain amplifiers (PGAs), the trigonometric math unit (TMU) accelerator and high-resolution pulse width modulators (HRPWMs) — to help developers continue to create differentiated real-time systems.

Getting started with TI’s C2000 MCUs

From the C2000 F281x MCUs to the C2000 Delfino and Piccolo MCU families, TI offers real-time control, high performance integration and longevity of support to help developers mitigate challenges and bring differentiated products to market. For samples and tools and to learn more about TI’s extensive line of integrated MCUs for real-time control, please visit ti.com.