The E07 range of high current three terminal EMI chip filters from Syfer has been extended to now include a 3A device. These devices are suitable for use on DC lines on PCB’s, as they are designed to reduce electromagnetic interference (EMI) emanating from high speed signal lines and IC’s, and prevent the propagation of high frequency noise along power lines.  Lower ground path inductance is offered as a result of the dc current being fed through the chip giving a shorter connection to ground.  PCB designers will find that a significantly improved high frequency filtering performance is the result.

This new 3A device is available in an 1812 chip size using X7R dielectric.  Dependant on voltage rating (25, 50, 100 or 200VDC) the capacitance range is 100nF through to 1.8µF.  Aimed at general signal filtering and high speed digital circuitry, these chip filters are particularly suitable for use in the communications and automotive industries.