Intersil Corporation  and Freescale Semiconductor have jointly developed a new thermocouple and strain gauge solution for high precision ­measurement and fast, low power data processing for ­advanced designs.

The new board features two sensor applications using Intersil’s precision and power products along with the Freescale Kinetis L series microcontroller with a Cortex M0+ core.

The platform consists of two separate boards, the Intersil precision and power products application board and Freescale’s Freedom development platform.

The companies advise this ­thermocouple design uses a K-type thermocouple with cold junction ­compensation. It features a zero drift amplifier, voltage reference, DCP, a 24-bit delta sigma converter and Freescale’s KL25Z MCU, featuring 128KB flash and 16KB SRAM onboard.

The strain gauge design extracts a small sensor signal from a high voltage common mode signal of 10V or higher.

The design uses Intersil’s 40V ­instrumentation amplifier, voltage reference, a 24-bit delta sigma converter and the microcontroller for data acquisition and processing of measurement data, as well as using the onboard USB ports to make the data available, for example, a display or similar.

The thermocouple temperature or ­applied strain can be monitored using a GUI on the computer powering the demo through the mini USB cable.

Intersil Corporation