The affordable 3-D printing revolution has arrived with a high-performance 3-D printer created by Belgian manufacturer Velleman.  Available from reichelt elektronik, the printer comes complete with a kit that includes all the tools needed for assembly at no extra cost.

This solution is ideal for anyone who needs single copies or small lots of self-designed or obsolete objects – as this can now all be conveniently manufactured with a 3D printer. Objects can be printed down to the nanometer range. The Velleman K8200 uses Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) technology to create three-dimensional objects with a size of up to 20 by 20 by 20cm, either from PLA (polylactide) or ABS (acrylnitrile butadiene styrene). A very precise printed object is ensured by the heated printing plate (for even application of the melt layer) in combination with the air cooler (for fast hardening of the part).

But how can all this be possible at such a low entry price? Well this is due in part to the fact that the printer is delivered in the form of a kit. Assembly requires only a few hours and is facilitated by the inclusion of a multimeter, an LCD vernier calliper and a soldering iron, at no extra cost. The printer is compatible with the 3D printers of the RepRap project, for use with open-source software for Windows, Mac or Linux. This speed and precision is achieved by four NEMA 17 stepper motors, high-quality linear ball bearings and Arduino-based control electronics. Fully assembled the 3D printer has a compact design with outer dimensions of 60 by 45 by 60cm and a weight of 8.7kg. However it does come with a German plug.

reichelt elektronik